burgle VERB commit burglary in (a building).

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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  • Bürgle — ist der Name folgender Orte: Bürgle (Aalen), Ortsteil der Stadt Aalen, Ostalbkreis, Baden Württemberg Bürgle (Markt Wald), Ortsteil der MarktgGemeinde Markt Wald, Landkreis Unterallgäu, Bayern Bürgle ist der Name folgender Burgen: Bürgle… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • burgle — burgle, burglarize Burgle is a BrE back formation from burglar; burglarize, although the regular word in AmE, is treated with the same disapproval on this side of the Atlantic as burgle once was …   Modern English usage

  • burgle — urgle v. [by back formation from burglar.] to commit a burglary; to enter and rob a dwelling. Syn: burglarize, heist. [WordNet 1.5] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • burgle — bur·gle / bər gəl/ vt bur·gled, bur·gling: burglarize Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of Law. Merriam Webster. 1996 …   Law dictionary

  • burgle — 1872, verbal back formation from BURGLAR (Cf. burglar) (q.v.). Pp. burgled is attested from 1880 …   Etymology dictionary

  • burgle — [bʉr′gəl] vt., vi. burgled, burgling [back form. < BURGLAR] Informal to burglarize or commit burglary …   English World dictionary

  • burgle — Originally intoxication speak for a late night, greasy, fast food hamburger. Its use is now being widely adopted to refer to hamburgers purchased at any time or place. 1. burgle n. single hamburger. 2. burgler n.pl. one who pursues burgles. a… …   Dictionary of american slang

  • burgle — UK [ˈbɜː(r)ɡ(ə)l] / US [ˈbɜrɡ(ə)l] verb [transitive] Word forms burgle : present tense I/you/we/they burgle he/she/it burgles present participle burgling past tense burgled past participle burgled British to enter a building and steal things I… …   English dictionary

  • burgle — transitive verb (burgled; burgling) Etymology: back formation from burglar Date: 1870 burglarize …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • burgle — /berr geuhl/, v.t., v.i., burgled, burgling. to burglarize. [1870 75; back formation from BURGLAR] * * * …   Universalium

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